BAYS Registration Tutorial

Note: You must have Registrar access to add a team to BAYS.

To enter teams into the BAYS Soccer league, follow these steps.

Step 1. Go to Team Management. Choose the previous season and locate the team. Click Rollover and follow the steps. If this is a new team, choose Create a Team.

Step 2. Enter the new season and click next.

Step 3. Select your registration age group. Check if you want to rollover players from the previous season that are already registered.

Step 4. Click Update Team ID. This will update the team for the new BAYS season. For a new team, enter a zero. 

Step 5. Enter the desired age, desired division, the skill level in that requested division, the rank of the team in your town in that age group, and the percentage of players that are old. To understand old, if the players are the same as the age group, they are old.  

Add any special notes for the BAYS placement groups. Keep it short.

Click Update BAYS Registration. Changes may be made until registration closes.