Tutorial - Adding News, Images and Calendar Items to Team Pages

Login to the your club's website and you will see a menu, My Teams. Click on your team.

Once you are on your team page, you can easily add News, Pictures, and Events.

1. How to add a News Item to Your Team Page.

Click on Create Page in your team's menu.

Enter a title for this news item. 

Enter the text in the box. Use the icons to format the text if you wish.

Click Save. That is all there is to it.

If you want to edit this page, click on the title, Great Game on Saturday. The page will open and click on Edit. When you are finished, click Save.


2. Add an image or picture to a News Item.

To add an image, click on Create Page in your team's menu or, edit an existing News Item.

Enter a title.

Scroll down the page to the menu, File Attachments and click.

Click Choose File and navigate to the image on your computer and select.

Click Attach. You will see the address of the image on the server. Highlight and copy it. In this example, the address of this picture is:


Place your cursor in the body of the page and click on the insert image icon.

A dialog box will pop up. Paste the URL of the picture in the box, Image URL. Tab once and the picture will appear.

 Click on appearance and change the first number in the dimensions to between 240 & 420. This will be trial and error for size. Click Insert.

Once you have inserted the image, you can make it larger or smaller by clicking on the picture, then clicking on the insert image icon. When you are finished editing, click Update.

Here is my finished team page. Note that the newest item is at the top.


3. Add an event to the team calendar.

Click on Create Event in your team's menu.

Enter the name of the event. Optionally, enter info in the body.

Scroll down below the body and choose Scheduling Options.

Enter the start date and time and the end date and time. Be careful to format like the example.

Click Save.

Here is the team calendar: