Tutorial: Part 1 - Member Picture Editing

This tutorial is to assist Parents, Coaches and Club Officials preparing a picture for uploading.

You will need a head shot with a maximum height of 200 pixels. In many cases, you will need to edit the picture, reduce the file size or both. You can go to this website, picresize.com and both edit and reduce.

Step1 - Either click Browse to select the picture file or drag and drop it from your computer into the white box. Click Continue.

Step 2 -Optional, crop your picture if necessary or move to the next step.

Click and draw an outline starting at the top left or right in the image and dragging across to the opposite bottom edge. You can adjust from any of the corners. It is OK if the picture is taller than wide.

Press Crop Selelction if you are cropping.

Step 3 -Look at your image size list on the right. The maximum height must be 200 pixels or less and the width must be 200 or smaller.

Use Custom Size and enter 200 in the height, nothing in the width. If the height is already less than 200, you cannot make it larger.

Step 4 - When finished, Save As Image Format JPG or PNG. Click "I'm Done."

Step 5 -Click Save to Disk and put the file where you can find it.


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